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For National Neuropathy Awareness Week, Averitas Pharma is elevating awareness and discussion about diabetic nerve pain of the feet with patient survey results designed to:

Spark conversations

Instill a sense of urgency

Educate and equip

For this patient survey, Averitas Pharma collaborated with The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy to ensure credibility, relevance, and resonance within the medical and patient advocacy community.

Who participated in the survey?

  • A minimum of 500 respondents from a general population sample
  • Adults 18 years of age or older
  • Diagnosed with diabetes
  • Living with diabetic nerve pain of the feet (for at least one year)
  • Receiving a prescription treatment from a physician (for at least six months)

No personally identifiable information was requested, captured, or stored by Averitas Pharma or survey partners.

See what patients are saying

Download this patient survey infographic to see what patients like you are saying about diabetic nerve pain of the feet.

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